About Us

The story of "fruit world" is a success story of Israeli industry. In 2014, the factory was still a dream that was formed by three veteran industrialists, and today, only three years since its inception, it is one of Israel's leading manufacturers of raw materials for baking and food. 

We at "Fruit World" believe that the secret of success lies first and foremost in the quality of our products. We do not compromise on excellent quality, and we insist on fair prices and reliable and efficient service.  

"Fruit World" provides its customers, in Israel and abroad, with a wide variety of bakery products, fruit, jams, syrups / sauces, additives for ice creams and high quality dairy products. 

"fruit world" products are made from natural fruits and colors, and the product line has no sugar added. 

Fruit world has a unique service that allows you to produce a series of products according to your demand as a customer. 

The company's products are varied and constantly updated: 

Fruit fillings: apple, almond, coconut, passion fruit, poppy and more

• Strawberry flavored spreads, apricots and more

• Vanilla-flavored creams, chocolate, cinnamon and more

• Candied fruits: cherries, citrus peel

• Syrups / sauces: maple, passionflower, strawberry, and more

• Fondant

• Confitures: blueberries, berries, peaches and more

"Fruit World" has Kosher certificates from: Badatz HaEidah HaCharedit, Rabbi Landa and Chatam Sofer , OU 

All of our products are under the supervision of the Yavneh Rabbinate .

The plant has an ISO 22000 standard

Please Contact us at 972-8-9200088 for any further information